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Just how much water does a person need on a daily basis? The typical answer is eight glasses of water that are eight oz's each. This means that each person on the face of the earth, child or adult, underweight, the right weight, or overweight required the same amount of water. Intuitively this cannot be right.

There are some that advocate that the rule of thumb for the quantity of water one needs a day is your body weight divided by two in oz's of water. Therefore a 128 lb. person should require 64 oz's of water (128 lbs. / 2 = 64) per day. The less you weight, the less water a day you need. The more you weight, the more water a day you must consume.

It is suggested that the first glass of water for the day should be warm with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This rids the body of any buildup left in the stomach from overnight. This assumes of course that one went to bed four hours after their last meal so that the stomach has completed digestion before one sleeps. If this is followed one has a restful sleep and the body is prepared for breakfast. It also helps with weight control.