Sesame Kale

Rodney Walker

A good, flavorful, healthy eats. A great use of kale and sesame seeds.



Homemade Bean Dip

Rodney Walker

A quick and easy vegan bean dip for whatever the occasion.


Sauteed Winter Squash Slices

Rodney Walker

A perfect side dish for a winter meal.



Apple Brown Betty

Rodney  Walker


Enjoy this brown Betty - a traditional dessert made by baking apples and bread crumbs.



Banana Oatmeal

Rodney Walker


Oatmeal is a favorite breakfast food, quick, and filling. Add bananas, cinnamon, and maple syrup if you desire and it is just plain delicious.



Sweet Spiced Pumpkin

Rodney Walker


Sweet spiced pumpkin is simply autumn perfection. Did I mention Vegan?



Apple Salad

Rodney Walker


Apples are the star of this recipe with great supporting roles by a variety of fruits, nuts, and a vegetable. Delicious!



Green Apple-Chipotle Salsa

Rodney Walker


Zesty salsa is a western staple, but come apple season, put a new twist on this classic.



Celery, Apple and Sesame Salad

Rodney Walker

This healthy salad contains more than 1 serving of fruits and veggies in it. It is full of crisp celery, sweet apples, and crunchy sesame seeds, all coated with a creamy dressing. Very yummy and satisfying!


Avocado Salsa

Rodney Walker

This salsa is absolutely delicious! Its taste is wonderfully fresh and light.


Baked Bananas in Orange Sauce

Rodney Walker


This simply luscious looks pretty enough to serve for a special occasion.



Green Beans with Artichoke Hearts

Rodney Walker


A low calorie, low or no cholesterol, low sodium dish that is simple to prepare.



New Potatoes with Curry Sauce

Rodney Walker

An aromatic spicy side dish that will steal the show from the main dish. It is both vegan and vegetarian and is sure to be a hit.



Baked Bean and Molasses Soup

Rodney Walker

Winter is hanging for just a bit longer. So this hearty soup can warm the body and sooth the soul. It is vegetarian as well as vegan and delicious. Enjoy.


Lentil Chili

Rodney Walker

This vegan chili is a hearty dish that needs only a hearty whole grain bread for a filling meal and it is savory.



Nutty Pumpkin and Tofu Coconut Curry

Rodney  Walker


The pumpkin in this recipe is butternut squash in America and butternut pumpkin in Australia. No matter what you call it this vegan dish explodes with flavor in your mouth.



Apple Raisin Crisp

Rodney Walker


Great varieties of apples still abound. And it is the holiday season. Here is the dessert you want to serve often during this festive time of the year.



Apple Oatmeal Crisp

Rodney Walker


The perfect recipe for an abundant apple season. After one taste, you’ll want to make it again and again.



Sweet Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic

Rodney Walker


Crispy on the outside, soft and delicate on the inside with the nutty taste of roasted garlic and the freshness of rosemary is the perfect side dish. Try this tonight!



Okra and Tomatoes

Rodney Walker


This time of year is great for okra. Look for small green pods and steer clear of bruising. This is a great simple recipe that is just so good. It is “approved” for vegans and vegetarians and even those who are omnivores because it is just so delicious. Enjoy!



Spanish Brussels Sprouts

Rodney Walker

This vegetarian and vegan side dish features brussels sprouts, which kids don’t normally like to eat as well as some adults, into a dish they will enjoy.


Honey Banana Pops

Rodney Walker

Try this treat when you want something sweet but low calorie, low fat and low cholesterol. Naturally vegetarian with protein from nuts. If you can wait freeze them before eating them.


Black Bean Vegetable Stew

Rodney Walker


This stew is definitely, delicious, vegan and vegetarian. Add your favorite bread and the eating is easy. Enjoy.



Pomegranate Guacamole

Rodney Walker


Summer is approaching here in North Brooklyn making it time to break out the summer recipes just before Memorial Day officially ushers in the lazy hazy days. This low calorie, low sodium, vegan pomegranate guacamole not only tastes great but is pleasant to look upon. Enjoy!



Easy Ranch Beans

Rodney Walker

This is a quick and easy vegetarian and vegan, low fat, low cholestrol dish you can make in 10 minutes. Serve with a dollop of vegan sour cream or with pita bread or both.



Apple Rice Curry

Rodney Walker

An ideal side dish to complement fall and winter menus. This low cholesterol and low sodium version is vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Fragrant Brown Rice

Rodney Walker

The yellow raisins and curry in this dish add flavor, texture and substance to an otherwise basic brown rice.



Blackeye Beans with Wild Rice and Herbs

Rodney  Walker


A vegan/vegetarian meat substitute with an excellent flavor and aroma. It is excellent served alone or can be served with additional meal items.



Sugared Sweet Potatoes

Rodney Walker


The holiday season is upon us. We present a holiday side which is naturally vegetarian but can easily become vegan by substituting vegan margarine for the traditional butter. However you choose to make it, it still tastes marvelous and is simple to prepare.



Bulgur Pilaf with Currants

Rodney Walker


Vegans and vegetarians will enjoy the taste of the bulgur made slightly sweet from the currants and delicious with the delicate flavors of the pine nuts and onions.



Rigatoni with Tomatoes

Rodney Walker


This recipe turns a traditional Italian dish into a low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol vegan dish. The flavors are exquisite while the cooking time from start to finish is only 20 minutes.



Asparagus with Peppers

Rodney Walker


A low calorie, zero cholesterol, and low sodium vegan and vegetarian recipe that adds a level of elegance and class to any meal.



Toasted Oats Cereal Bars

Rodney Walker

These toasted oats cereal bars are vegan, vegetarian, delicious, low sodium and no cholesterol. They are easy to make and a healthy to keep around for snacking.


Simple Lentil Loaf

Rodney Walker

Lentils are a good source of protein for those on a vegetarian or vegan regiment. This loaf is very simple to prepare and is low in fat and has no cholesterol. And it smells good and has a delicious taste.


Minted Tomato Salad

Rodney Walker


A simple but delicious, low calorie, no cholesterol, low sodium salad that is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is perfect for entertaining.



Curried Waldorf Salad

Rodney Walker


Traditionally dressed with mayo, this healthier version substitutes lowfat yogurt and is flavored with curry for a delicious mix of sweet and spice. Substituting vegan vanilla yogurt turns this recipe to a vegan salad.



Fruit with Ginger

Rodney Walker

From the first ingredient to the last, this recipe says, vegan, vegetarian, heart healthy, low fat, no cholesterol, and low sodium. But health benefits aside, it tastes great.



Vegetable Rice

Rodney Walker

There are times when a one pot meal is just fine, particularly when time is of the essence. This vegan and vegetarian one pot wonder is one of those meals. The starch, protein, and vegetables are all in one cooking utensil. And it is so delicious.


Deviled Tofu Sandwich

Rodney Walker

This is the vegan and vegetarian answer to an egg salad sandwich. Great for low cholesterol diets as it contains none at all.



Baked Tofu with Ginger

Rodney  Walker


A vegan/vegetarian meat substitute with an excellent flavor and aroma. It is excellent served alone or can be served with additional meal items.



Fettuccine with Fresh Vegetables

Rodney Walker


Enjoy this low fat, no cholesterol, low sodium vegetarian and vegan dish. It can serve as the main dish or a dish with a larger meal. Be sure to remember the garlic bread.



Carrots and Yams a l'Orange

Rodney Walker


Carrots and yams combine with an orange sauce for a delicious low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium vegan and vegetarian dish that serves up well with anything. The nuts add a crunch as well as protein and other heart friendly nutrients.



Eggplant and Rice

Rodney Walker


This delicious eggplant and rice recipe is both vegan and vegetarian. It is great when served with vegetables. This dish is low in cholesterol and sodium.



Broiled Deviled Tomatoes

Rodney Walker


Any variety of dishes prepared with hot seasonings, such as cayenne or mustard is deviled. Here tomatoes are deviled with mustard creating a vegetarian and vegan dish that is a great side dish or appetizer.



Blueberry-Apricot Shake

Rodney Walker

It is summer now here in North Brooklyn but this is a nutritious, delicious, antioxidant shake that can be enjoyed all year round. This simple shake is low fat, low cholestrol, low calorie and low sodium.


Mock Frozen "Peach" Daiquiri

Rodney Walker

When the temperature climbs and one craves a delicious cold non alcoholic drink, this mock peach daiquiri hits the spot.


Pineapple Tofu Stir-Fry

Rodney Walker


At last - a sweet-and-sour dish with a fresh, not cloying, taste. Add a pinch of crushed red pepper, a splash of chile-garlic sauce or a dash of hot sauce to give it a little heat. This dish is vegan and delicious.



Homemade Hummus

Rodney Walker


Anything homemade usually tastes better than store-bought. So you will enjoy this low cholesterol hummus. It is both vegan and vegetarian. But best of all it tastes so good.



Apple Crumb Squares

Rodney Walker

Is your sweet tooth begging for satisfaction? Are you in need of vegan dessert that is low cholesterol and low sodium while high in taste? You've found it here.



Pesto Sauce Recipe

Rodney Walker

A low fat, low calorie, low sodium, and no cholesterol vegan pesto sauce that is simple to prepare.


Lentil Soup

Rodney Walker

Lentil soup has always been a savory dish. This savory lentil soup is vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low calorie, and low cholesterol.



Blueberries and Melon with Honey Lime Dressing

Rodney  Walker


A delicious combination of melon, blueberries, sweet, and sour.



Cranberry Relish Salad

Rodney Walker


This is a perfect salad to serve with your holiday meals. It is delicious, colorful, low in fat and in sodium. Great for vegans and vegetarians.



Maple Sweet Potato Salad

Rodney Walker


Fall is in full effect up north and Thanksgiving Day looms just a few weeks away. Summer has its potato salad and now fall has its maple sweet potato salad. This side is vegan, vegetarian, low cholesterol, and low sodium.



Mashed Pumpkin with Nutmeg

Rodney Walker


The feel of fall is in the air in the upper regions of the northern hemisphere which means the pumpkins are ready to eat. This low calorie, low or no cholesterol, low sodium dish is an excellent side dish for that fall meal. Substitute vegan margarine for the butter and the vegetarian dish transforms into a vegan side.



Millet Rice and Nut Pilaf

Rodney Walker


This recipe is an interesting and delicious vegetarian variation for rice with a meal. By exchanging margarine for the butter the dish becomes vegan. Either way the dish is low in cholesterol and sodium.



Maple Poached Pineapple

Rodney Walker

The combination of maple syrup with the tangy taste of pineapple can satisfy any sweet tooth. This dessert is lowfat, low cholestrol and low sodium. If plain vegan yogurt is substituted for the plain lowfat yogurt the dessert becomes vegan.


Mixed Berries in Sunshine Sauce

Rodney Walker

Summer is in full effect in the northern hemisphere bringing a copious yield of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries which when combined with the citrus sunshine sauce makes for a low fat, low calorie, low cholesterol, and low sodium vegan dessert. Enjoy!


Mixed Green Salad

Rodney Walker


This mixed green salad is good enough to be the only thing you eat for the meal. It is vegan, low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol.


Vegan Paté

Rodney Walker


This is a absolutely delicious  vegetarian and vegan pate for those who prefer foods with no face.


Coconut Dipping Sauce

Rodney Walker

A vegan coconut dipping sauce that is delicious, low in cholesterol, and sodium.



Chinese Tofu Stir-Fry

Rodney Walker

Everyone loves Chinese cuisine. So here is a dish for those who have chosen the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. It is also low in cholesterol for everyone. Did I say it is also delicious?


Eggplant and Black Bean Casserole

Rodney Walker

Black beans are always delicious. When you add eggplant the result is a meal that can only be described as “I want more.” This vegan and vegetarian casserole low in cholesterol and high in flavor.



Navy Bean Stew

Rodney  Walker


There is nothing like a hearty stew to warm the body. This stew is low in fat and cholesterol and cooks up in about 45 minutes for a quick but filling meal.



Coconut Drops

Rodney Walker


Satisfy that sweet tooth with this low calorie, low cholesterol, and low sodium vegan treat. Coconut and honey provide a natural sweetness.



Sweet Potatoes with Orange Marmalade

Rodney Walker


Instead of the usual why not try making sweet potatoes with a new twist. This delicious recipe is vegetarian as well as vegan and is low in cholesterol and salt. Great for the holiday season.



Vegetarian Black Beans and Rice

Rodney Walker


A low cholesterol vegetarian or vegan dish that is simple to prepare as well as tasty. The black beans are an excellent source of protein.



Blueberries in Orange and Almond Glaze

Rodney Walker


Fruits prepared properly are not only low in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium but can satisfy that sweet tooth.



Nutty Cranberry Salad

Rodney Walker

A low cholesterol and sodium vegetarian salad that is just delicious during the hot days of summer.


Linguine with Lemon and Pine Nuts

Rodney Walker

A low sodium, no cholesterol vegan pasta dish. Protein is supplied by pine nuts or almonds.


Chinese Vegetables

Rodney Walker


A perfect soup for those dog days of summer. A low calories delicious soup for any occasion. It is totally vegan.



Curry Vegetable Blend

Rodney Walker


A mild and good tasting curry vegetable blend that is low in cholesterol and sodium.



Vegetarian Lasagna

Rodney Walker

This dish is low cholesterol and if you leave out the optional Parmesan cheese it is vegan. Tofu provides an adequate amount of protein.



Ginger-Orange Squash

Rodney Walker

A delicious blend of flavors makes this squash dish one you will make over and over. It is low cholesterol and low sodium. If you use margarine instead of butter it is no cholesterol and vegan.


Nutty Rice

Rodney Walker

A nutrious, delicious, delectable and low cholesterol rice dish that is sure to have diners asking for seconds.



Butternut Squash Stew

Rodney  Walker


Another butternut squash recipe that is low in calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol.



Nutty Fruit Salad

Rodney Walker


A delicious way to help you meet your daily intake of nuts and fruits. This recipe is low in cholesterol and sodium.



Baked Squash with Apple

Rodney Walker


Fall means harvest and harvest means the fruit of the vine. In this case butternut squash is paired with apple. This dish is low in calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol.



Wild Rice Salad with Oranges

Rodney Walker


The two great things about this salad are that it tastes great with the interesting blend of citrus and herbs, and it is low in cholesterol. It is totally vegan.



Cold Velvet Corn Soup

Rodney Walker


This soup is so luxuriously satiny, you don't need any additional cream, half-and-half, buttermilk or anything else to smooth it out. The corn blends with the stock and gives it an astonishing sweetness, without added sugar.



Roasted Pepper and Olive Salad

Rodney Walker

A salad with a light, fresh taste and the dressing is included in the recipe. The dressing of course contains no vinegar.If you include the optional nuts it also contains protein.


Spinach Raspberry Salad

Rodney Walker

A delightful and delicious salad that boasts a salad dressing that contains no vinegar. In fact the dressing can used on other fruity salads.


Chilled Strawberry Soup

Rodney Walker


A perfect soup for those dog days of summer. A low calories delicious soup for any occasion. It is totally vegan.



Mixed Rice Pilaf

Rodney Walker


A mixture of brown rice, wild rice, and basmati rice that makes for a very interesting flavor and texture. A vegan recipe.



Tri-Color Mediterranean Salsa

Rodney Walker

Excellent as a topping over grilled vegetables or as a dip for pita bread triangles.



Jicama Salad

Rodney Walker

For those who still haven't met the humble, homely in appearance vegetable called jicama from Mexico, this salad will make your first meeting a memorable one.


Baby Greens Salad With Oranges and Olives

Rodney Walker

Add the blood orange sections just before serving. Over mixing can cause their festive color to bleed into other ingredients.



Zesty Tomato Salad

Rodney  Walker


A simple but delicious tomato salad. Naturally vegan and it needs no dressing.



Cream of Zucchini Soup

Rodney Walker


A "cream of soup" without any dairy at all. A vegan cream of soup that uses the Basic Vegetable stock from the September 2007 recipe.



Cauliflower Poppers

Rodney Walker


The spicy taste of these tempting morsels can be addictive. Not to worry, though. They are light enough to be eaten with abandon.



Wild Rice Pilaf

Rodney Walker


A vegan dish that takes advantage of the Basic Vegetable Stock recipe that was published September 2007. This dish is also low in calories.




Rodney Walker


The sauce is vegan. The recipe gives instructions for those who want to add meatballs.




Rodney Walker

During those lazy hazy days of summer or just anytime you want a naturally good, nutritious, lowfat no sugar added drink, this is it. This recipe source is the Almond Board of California.


Tomato, Avocado and Golden Beet Salad

Rodney Walker

A different type of salad that combines tomato and avocado with golden beets. This recipe is vinegarless and vegan.


Lemon-Ginger Asparagus

Rodney Walker


A very flavorful side dish that is completely vegan. Takes an ordinary vegetable and gives it a very interesting heat and flavor.


Garden Salad with Creamy Herb Dressing

Rodney Walker


Here is a garden salad with a dressing that is vinegarless and vegan.  The creaminess of the dressing comes from tofu.  Perfect with any meal.


'Fried' Onion Rings

Rodney Walker

Enjoy the comfort food taste of fried onion rings without the fats associated with frying.



Cumin Pita Wedges With Spicy Hummus

Rodney Walker

A vegan side dish, appetizer, or snack with a spicy kick.


Japanese Grilled Eggplant

Rodney Walker

This Japanese style eggplant recipe is an adapted one that eliminates vinegar. This dish can be a side or it can be used as another item when grilling.



Rice-Stuffed Grape Leaves

Rodney  Walker


Here is a vegan recipe for a great tasting side. It is also vinegarless. Use the vegetable broth recipe from September 2007 which you can find in the recipe archives.



Macaroni and "Cheese"

Rodney Walker


If, after your first wary couple of forkfuls, you don't think this recipe is better than dairy mac and cheese, which most of us have tasted, you did something wrong. A vegan recipe.



Couscous with Mushrooms and Curry

Rodney Walker


Couscous is a great substitute for rice or potatoes.  This vegan dish can serve as your main dish or a side.  Anyway you serve it, it is delicious.



Roasted Eggplant Crostini

Rodney Walker


Need a good a good appetizer or Hors D'Oeuvres?  This recipe should do.  It is not only vegetarian but vegan.



String Beans in Walnut Sauce

Rodney Walker


Why serve bland vegetables with you meal when you could be serving vegetables that say "Can I  have seconds of the vegetables, please?"



Mediterranean Bean Salad

Rodney Walker

The mediterranean diet has been shown to be a very healthy one.  This recipe has a great flavor but only four percent fat.


Tropical Avocado and Fruit Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Rodney Walker

A delicious fresh fruit salad with the added bonus of a salad dressing that is vinegarless and contains no fat.


Pumpkin Soup

Rodney Walker


The unique thing about this pumpkin soup is that it tastes very good and is very low in calories. And because it uses a vegetable stock and no milk, it is a vegetarian as well as a vegan soup.



Tomato-Tofu Bisque

Rodney Walker


This recipe is a delicious vegan bisque. It uses tofu for the creaminess that one would expect from a bisque.



Fruited Basmati Rice

Rodney Walker

Everything about this dish just says tastes good, smells wonderful and the added benefit is that it is low in calories.  It can be used as the main course or a side dish.



Herbed Split Pea Soup

Rodney Walker

This is an interesting variation of split pea soup that contains a wonderful fragrance of several herbs. I can smell it now.  And it tastes as good as it smells.


Roasted and Stuffed Smothered Eggplant

Rodney Walker

While the title of this recipe is rather long and the ingredient list is impressive, the dish itself is really low in calories and fat. And I might add that it is really good tasting. Included are instructions for freezing.



Garden Vegetable Wraps

Rodney  Walker


This quick recipe makes use of natural ingredients and is low in calories per serving.  If you want this meal to be vegan substitute a soy cheddar for the low-fat shredded cheddar cheese.



Lemony Carrots

Rodney Walker


I like the flavor of lemons with most vegetables, and you can substitute just about any vegetable or bean for the carrots in this simple and versatile recipe.



Savory Mashed Black Beans

Rodney Walker


Feel free to use any type of bean you like for this recipe. I am particularly fond of black beans, and this dish offers an interesting color contrast to whatever else is on the plate.



Quick Vegetable Soup

Rodney Walker


It doesn't necessarily take a full day of cooking to make a hearty and healthy vegetable soup, as this recipe demonstrates.



Basic Vegetable Stock

Rodney Walker


Use this basic stock for not only soups, but to add flavor to any dish of boiled vegetables.



Honey Carrot Soup

Rodney Walker

The honey in this quick soup complements the natural sweetness of the carrots.


Spinach and Beetroot Salad

Rodney Walker

This recipe calls for cooked beets and you can use canned beets if you choose, but the results will be much more satisfying if you roast fresh beets in the oven until the skin can be rubbed off with paper towels.


Cucumber Soup

Rodney Walker


Okay, the summer season has officially begun and the ease of this cool dish reflects the lazy, hazy days of summer.



Savory Nut Loaf

Rodney Walker


This delicious nut loaf makes perfect picnic food.



Pasta Primavera

Rodney Walker

There is no better way to showcase the best of the spring season's young vegetables than in this delightful pasta dish.



Spicy Potatoes and Cauliflower

Rodney Walker

This dish is simplicity itself to make and can be eaten as a main course with Indian breads or rice, a raita such as cucumber and yogurt, and a fresh mint relish.


Creamy Italian Dressing

Rodney Walker
  Here is another in our series of vinegarless salad dressings.  Not only is it vinegarless but it is also vegan and it tastes so good.  


Spicy Baked Potatoes

Rodney  Walker


Simple baked potatoes take on an exciting new character with the addition of a few herbs and spices.



Burritos with Tofu

Rodney Walker


A traditional Mexican dish that tastes great but does not contain any meat.




Rodney Walker


A traditional Mexican bean dish that tastes great with tortillas and vegetable chili.



Chickpea Falafel with Cilantro Dip

Rodney Walker


Little balls of spicy chickpea pur e, deep-fried until crisp, are served with a zesty cilantro-flavored mayonnaise.



Eggplant Curry

Rodney Walker


A simple and delicious way of cooking eggplants that retains their full flavor.



Vegetable Fajitas

Rodney Walker

A colorful medley of mushrooms and bell peppers in a spicy sauce, wrapped in tortillas and served with creamy guacamole.


Tomato, Scallion and Cilantro Salad

Rodney Walker

Known as “cachumbar,” this salad relish is most commonly served with Indian curries.  There are many versions; this one will leave your mouth feeling cool and fresh after a spicy meal.


Couscous Salad

Rodney Walker


This is a spicy variation on a classic lemon-flavored tabbouleh, which is traditionally made with bulgur rather than couscous.



Fresh Pea Soup

Rodney Walker


This soup is known in France as Potage Saint-Germain, a name that comes from a suburb where the peas used to be cultivated in market gardens.  If fresh peas are not available, use frozen peas, but thaw and rinse them befoe use.



Spicy Potato Wedges with Chili Dip

Rodney Walker

The Spicy crust on these potato wedges makes them irresistible, especially when served with a zesty chili dip.



Vegetable Fajitas

Rodney Walker

A colorful medley of mushrooms and bell peppers in a spicy sauce, wrapped in tortillas and served with creamy guacamole.

02/2006 Tofu Salad Rodney Walker
  This is an delicious salad that is high in protein, vegetarian, and vegan.  Gives you yet another thing to do with that tofu in the refrigerator.  


Rice Stack

Rodney  Walker


A super-easy meal for those evenings when you need a quick meal.



Creamy Tofu Over Pasta

Rodney Walker


Here is a dish that features a creamy white sauce that is vegetarian and vegan. Choose the proper pasta and the entire dish can be vegan. Perfect as a side dish or the main course.



Spinach Lasagna

Rodney Walker


Fresh spinach and plenty of ricotta, Romano and mozzarella make this a cheesy and hearty dish. This lasagna can also be made without the spinach




Rodney Walker


A good classic vegetarian dish. Excellent for this time of year when the temperatures begin to fall.



Rice Salad with Red Peppers, Chickpeas, and Feta Cheese

Rodney Walker


A delicious healthy salad that is meatless but very flavorful.



Eggplant and Penne in Red Pepper Sauce

Rodney Walker
  A wonderful eggplant dish that is meatless but yet spicy and delicious.  

Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad

Rodney Walker

This is a delightful salad that doesn't skimp on taste.


Santa Fe Rice Salad

Rodney Walker


Great black bean and rice salad!



Eggless Egg Salad

Rodney Walker


The texture of cubed Silken Tofu is very similar to that of boiled egg white in this healthy version of an old favorite.


04/2005 Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce Rodney Walker
  Now a meatless spaghetti sauce that not only tastes delicious,  but uses tofu to supply the protein you need.


03/2005 Chili-Cilantro Dressing Rodney Walker
  This dressing is vinegarless and wonderful on anything  
02/2005 Zero Salad Dressing Rodney Walker
  This salad dressing is not only vinegarless but free of added carbohydrates which makes it ideal for diabetics and those into low carbs.  


"Chicken"-Style Tofu Fajitas

LynNita Walker


In this super-easy, nearly-instant tortilla recipe, chewy baked tofu stands in for chicken. Letting the kids make their own fajitas becomes part of the fun!



Banana Berry Smoothie

LynNita Walker


A delicious and healthy smoothie that will satisfy a sweet tooth.



Creamy Corn Chowder

LynNita Walker


Pureed silken tofu is a superb base for creamy soups, such as chowders. It provides substance without the need for thickening. The mild, familiar flavors will entice kids of all ages to enjoy a soothing bowl of soup.



Eggplant Raita

Rodney Walker


A refreshing side dish with vegetarian meals or served icy cold as an accompaniment to curries.



Vegetable Curry

Rodney Walker


A meatless but potent curry served on rice is a wonderful main dish or and excellent side dish.



Refreshing Cold Avocado Soup

Rodney Walker


Refreshing cold soup for the hot days of summer.



Chilled Cantaloupe Soup



Very refreshing fruit soup, served chilled. Great for luncheons. Garnish with mint if desired.



Yummy Veggie Omelet

Rodney Walker


I enjoy this omelet served on top of toast. Use any type of cheese you like - Swiss and Gouda are both good choices.



Vegetable Gumbo

Rodney Walker


A meatless variation of an old southern favorite. The spices and aroma are just as potent. A really good and healthy main dish



Ginger & Sweet Potato Soup with Cilantro

LynNita Walker


Rich and smooth, this luxurious blend of sweet potatoes makes a divine soup.



Broccoli Casserole

LynNita Walker


A good tasting dish that can be the entire meal all by itself or a wonderful side dish.



Piquant Honey Dressing

Rodney Walker


A great tasting vinegarless dressing that is equally at home on fruit, tossed mixed greens, and edible flower blossom salads.



Cooking Greens or Legumes Without Meat

LynNita Walker


When you just don't have it or you want to cook a vegetarian dish, here are some tricks you can use.



Pasta and Bean Soup

LynNita Walker


Served with fresh bread and a salad, is a meal in itself. 



Sweet Potato Soup.

LynNita Walker


A warming soup with an appealing golden color. The natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes gives this soup a surprising flavor twist.